WordPress Migration

Migration to a New Host

Let’s say you originally signed up with one web host because they offered an affordable hosting plan to start your site on. However, your site goes down at least once a week, support is terrible, and you’re pretty sure other sites on the server are causing a slowdown in your page load times. It’s time to find a new web hosting company and get your site moved.

Migration to a New Type of Hosting

Typically, when people shop around for web hosting plans, they look for standard shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and so on. However, if your site is running on the WordPress CMS and you know you could use a little extra support on the backend, there are managed WordPress hosting services like the ones from WP Engine that may be an attractive option.

Migration Within WordPress

Sometimes the migration simply needs to take place within WordPress. We most commonly see this when websites are originally created on the free, but limiting WordPress.com and then require a move to the more comprehensive WordPress.org platform.

Migration to a Multisite Network

There are a number of benefits to integrating your site into a multisite network, but the fear of losing everything you’ve established on your standalone site during migration can be enough to keep you from doing so.

In addition to the common reasons for migrating a website, you may also want to clone your site (which saves time in creating other sites that are similar in look and layout). We can also build websites completely from-scratch. Whatever you need, trust us to take care of it for you.