Now comes the fun part. Once we’ve completed all the research and planning for your new site, it’s time for us to get to work in WordPress and build it.

Now, because your site is unique to your business as well as your audience, it requires a unique solution. This is why our preferred content management system is WordPress. You won’t get flexibility or power as good as this from any other platform.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with WordPress or with the web development process as a whole, you’re likely familiar with the different kinds of websites you might see around the web. There are the ones that all kind of look the same, which can be incredibly confusing for the end user (especially when the businesses are competitors). Then there are ones that look like they come from a different era (but not in a good way).

You won’t run into any of these issues with BlueClick.

Once we’ve determined what exactly your site needs, our developers will begin implementation of those previously laid plans using a mix of solutions.


A “theme” is basically a pre-made design that can be downloaded and dropped into WordPress for personalization. When we assess your current site for potential improvements, we’ll most likely opt to create a new design for it. This may mean your design comes from a premium WordPress theme (one that’s been built by a professional web designer) or that our team builds a custom, hand-coded theme totally from-scratch for you.

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Plugins are the tools that extend the capabilities of WordPress. They cover a wide range of features and functionality like:

Depending on what your site needs, we may use a comprehensive set of WordPress plugins to achieve our goals or we may develop a custom plugin for your site.