How to Avoid SPAM Filters When Sending Email Marketing

How to Avoid SPAM Filters When Sending Email Marketing

How to avoid SPAM filters by using this little-known trick

I’m going to show you how to avoid getting flagged by spam filters when sending out email marketing. This is going to apply to almost every email marketing application out there. Let me show you.

  1. This is what an unauthenticated domain looks like. Once spam filters pick up on these, recipients will never see them.
  2. There’s going to be a couple things you need before you start. First, login to MailChimp. Second login to your hosting account.
  3. In MailChimp go into account profile. Head down to profile/settings/domains.
  4. If you haven’t added your domain yet, go ahead and add it to your account and verify it.
  5. Once you’re verified, we’re then going to authenticate the domain.
  6. Click the authenticate button on the side here.
  7. These are the codes that we’re going to add to our DNS records.
  8. Let’s head over to the hosting account. Look for either zone editor or zone records and click on it.
  9. Under CNAME go ahead and put in codes just like this.
  10. Next we’re going to create a TXT record. In this case I’m just going to overwrite the existing one because I recently changed my hosting.
  11. Now let’s head back to MailChimp and press the Authenticate Domain button.

See that only took a few minutes but it’s one of those things you should always do before sending out a big campaign to avoid not having your campaign delivered.

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