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David Bennett

My name is David Bennett and I’m president of OC3 Group. In 2008 we had one of the worst economic disasters in over half a century. My successful design agency was decimated that year. Client budgets were non-existent. In that one year, I was married, our first child was born, and we lost our house.


In this chaos, I accepted a job offer as a marketing manager for a financial advisory firm. After a few years of having my ideas shot down, I discovered there was a corporate ceiling that prevented my true potential from expressing itself. In the evenings I began taking courses and joining private business groups that expanded my thinking. It was then I learned one concept that changed my business forever. Over a weekend I implemented this one concept and in three weeks I earned my first $8000 check while I was still working my day job. That’s a true story and it changed everything for me.


In 2015 OC3 Group was born and I began applying this same concept to other businesses.


Here’s what that one concept is…


The concept is attracting your ideal customers, patients, clients, or leads into your business, over and over again. Customers are your lifeblood and I’ll help you attract your ideal customer, over and over again.


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